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Skeggolía og næring með hampolíu.



Skegg olía frá Manday Grooming er ekki fitug skegg olía sem skeggið dregur í sig á einfaldan hátt. Einstök vara sem heldur skegginu mjúku og vel lyktandi. Góð næring fyrir skegg og skinn sem inniheldur hampfræolíu.

Tegund/ilmur; C4 – cognac, cigar, cedarwood, coffee (einstök blanda af koníaki, vindlum, sedrusviði og kaffi)

Skeggolía og næring með hampolíu.

Stærð 30 ml

Hömpum hampinum!

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30 ml

Frá framleiðanda

Meet "Sauce".

A cool dude who's the life of the party wherever he goes, Sauce has that perfect balance of style and substance (except that time he wore shorts to a job interview). Behind the great beard and easy going personality is a genuine guy who works hard and plays hard. While a few drinks may have him feeling a little saucy, his beard definitely isn't because he only uses the best beard oil around. Whether you're an accountant, "semi-pro" hockey player, international man of mystery, or none of the above…Manday Beard Sauce will make your beard look and smell great in any situation you may find yourself in.

What is Manday Beard Sauce?

Beard Sauce is our specially formulated blend of cold-pressed Canadian-grown Hemp Seed Oil, Apricot Kernel, and Argan oil that provides the perfect profile of fatty acids, vitamins, and amino acids to nourish your beard and skin. We use fast-absorbing oils that are best for beard growth and penetrate deep to keep your beard soft, reduce beard itch, and prevent dry skin without leaving oily residue or causing your skin to break out. Our signature scents keep you smelling fresh for hours while keeping your beard game strong.

Beard Sauce is good for:

– Stubble 
– Short beards (under 2")
– Goatees
– Pre & Post shave oil

For longer beards check out our Manetamer 2-in-1 Beard Balm & Conditioner. If you don't have a beard take a look at our Shave Butter, Icy Aftershave, or El3vate Face Cream.

When to "Get on the Sauce"

– Everyday in the morning after brushing your teeth. Consistency is key to improve beard growth, keep beard hairs conditioned so they "relax" and grow down, not out, and prevent the dreaded beard itch.

– Freshen up for a night out. Our signature scents are sure to turn some heads and create lasting memories with the close encounters in your life.

– Before shaving. Apply Beard Sauce to your skin before your shave cream to help with blade glide and prevent razor burn/skin irritation.

Who's the dude on the label?

We dedicated the label of Beard Sauce to our good friend Brian (AKA Sauce) who has supported us since day 1. Whether it's taking blurry pictures of our products in exotic places around the world for Instagram or helping us create a new scent that gets him some extra attention from his girl (Orange Oak), he's always lending a helping hand and encouraging others to 'get on the sauce'.


Prunus armeniaca (Apricot) Kernel Oil, Cannabis sativa (Hemp) Seed Oil, Persea gratissima (Avocado) Oil, Olea europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil, Argania spinosa (Argan) Kernel Oil, Tocopherol, Manday C4 / Wild Superbatch blends of essential & natural fragrance oils


For stubble or beards under 2” apply 1 pump into the palm of your hands, rub hands together to warm up the sauce and massage deep into the beard and face until there is no oil left on your hands. For beards 2” in length or more apply 1 pump for every 2” in length ensuring you are covering the length of the beard/beard hairs in addition to the skin underneath. For more hold and taming of the beard check out our Manetamer 2-in-1 Beard Balm & Conditioner or our Beard Bundle.


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